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    Getting greylisted (Building permissions) is really straightforward here before you can start you need to follow this list.
    • Make a forum account or else would making the thread be quite difficult.
    • Read and agree to the rules for this community.
    • Make the application following the format and information in this post and make a thread in this forum.
    To make applications easily to browse trough and hold control on we have this following application format.
    [Minecraft Username] - Application

    And you have to apply using this format.
    [B]Age and location:[/B]
    [B]Why do you want to join?:[/B]
    [B]Where did you hear about us?:[/B]
    [B]Have you been banned before?:[/B]
    [B]Do you agree to the server rules?:[/B]
    [B]Anything more you want to say?:[/B]
    • Do not bump your application.
    • Do not spam a staff member to get it accepted.
    • Try to use more than 20sec on your application or else it will just get denied.
    • Do not reapply if it gets denied.
    Just make it look semi-professional and you will probably get accepted!
    Good luck!
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