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    General Rules:
    1. If you are going to build near the spawn try to keep it nice. If you want to build something big that might annoy users go away from the spawn.
    2. Do now AFK over really long times. If you need to leave just log out from the server.
    3. If you are unsure about a rule try to ask a staff member. Just use some common sense most people have it.
    4. You have to be atleast 13+ years old to play in this community.
    Chat and Communication:
    1. While using Global Chat and other ways of communications where many people listen keep it in clear english. Else you should not play here.
    2. We do not allow inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, offensive, sexually orientated, threatening, homophobic in any form.
    3. Do not spam, use CAPS or other things just to bother people.
    4. Do not advertise other communties / servers in this community.
    5. Do not beg to get items from people who have come futher than you on the server.
    6. Try to use the local chat when you can to keep the chat more clean for everyone. And keep trading related things in the trade chat (/t [message]).
    7. Do not trick/get people to break the rules.
    Property and Griefing:
    1. To claim some land you can fence it in or use signs every so often. Make it clear for other players to see that somebody is having that land.
    2. Any form of stealing from other players are not allowed. Everything is logged and you will be taken in doing it.
    3. Do not tresspass other players property and start playing around with their stuff.
    4. Do not build or break stuff in others players property without permission. Do not touch their farm etc.
    5. Do not make hidden death traps without a sign warning users from it.
    6. People may mine at the bottom under your property because of not knowing it is your property this is fine as long as they are not doing it on purpose.
    7. Do not destroy the world just for fun. You are however allowed to tap the oil freely outside in the wild (not inside somebodies property).
    8. You cannot deny other players access to a stronghold/village. They are free to trade with the villagers if they want to.
    9. Do not break/tresspass into other peoples properties. If there is a locked door or not you cannot.
    Mods and machines:
    1. Do not build large machines overdoing their task to produce lag. Try to keep it as small and functional as possible.
    2. Try to use RedNet cabels as much as possible to produce less Client lag. Lighting updates are not good for the server or client!
    Cheating and hacking:
    1. We have zero-tolerance for any form of cheating/hacking any form of fly mod, speed hacks, x-raying and dupplication is prohibited.
    2. If you find any way to duplicate/abuse mods report it to a senior staff member as soon as possible. Preferably trough the forum where you tell of to reproduce it.
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